My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising OST Vinyle - 2LP

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Milan Records/Sony Music Masterworks sont heureux de vous annoncer la sortie en vinyle de la bande originale du film My hero Academia : Heroes Rising !
Heroes vs. VillainsNineA Hero Is…The Hero Work Recommendation ProjectThat's Super Hero-Like!!Nabu IslandInherited PowerNine's QuirkNine's BlunderThe Villain AppearsYou Picked the Wrong Person to Taunt!
Deku and Katsuma

Side BNine's ActionSurprise Attack of the VillainClass 1-A, Heading Out!Nine and His Team's ResistanceNumerical InferiorityNine's Tenacity of PurposeThe Strength of the Man Who'll Become the Number One HeroIslander's Anxiety
Past with Nine

Side CTogether as OneStrategy MeetingLet's Start the Operation!We'll Go All-Out to Stop You!Joint StruggleChimeraTo the Limit
Nine's Craving

Side D
Be Number One -Bakugo's Belief-Nine's PowerMight*UA Heart That Is InheritedThere Is a Hero There