Sword and Fairy Together Forever Deluxe Edition PS5 + STEELBOOK

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Enter a realm that blends ancient mythology and traditional oriental aesthetics in Sword and Fairy: Together Forever ! A journey into a magical China enhanced by a most exotic artistic direction and a captivating original soundtrack.

Receive the game's magnificent STEELBOOK as a bonus!

Discover Sword and Fairy Together Forever Deluxe Edition Playstation 5!

Voices in Chinese and texts only available in English.

Enter a realm that blends ancient mythology and traditional Eastern aesthetics in Sword and Fairy: Together Forever, the latest standalone installment in the nearly 27-year-old RPG franchise!

Weaving its narrative between the three clans of Humans, Deities and Demons, Sword and Fairy: Together Forever places you in control of a group of memorable characters, each with their own unique personalities, motivations, skills, strengths and weaknesses. They can only face the future together!

Guide them through this standalone chapter that serves as a springboard for newcomers to the Sword and Fairy franchise while paying homage to the series' illustrious legacy.

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever not only features the most polished graphics in the series' history, but also introduces dynamic, real-time combat mechanics with total freedom and fluidity of movement and skill animations that dynamite the game. screen.

Switch between each playable character and evolve your strategy on the fly! Along the way, you will also encounter spirit creatures who will help you on your adventures.

Discover lush, interconnected environments , equip your party with new skills, play mini-games, and more as you explore this beautiful, epic action role-playing game, featuring exclusive outfit skins and weapons to enrich even more experience!

The “deluxe” edition includes:
The game in physical version in a Collector's box
The Digital Soundtrack
A pack of “modern” skins for in-game characters
A dynamic theme for your Playstation
A Leaf Fairy key ring
An Artwork of the game printed on metal support
4 mini cardboard standees of characters
A “Journey Heaven-Earth” card game

PUBLISHER Tesura Games
GENRE RPG, Action, Adventure
LANGUAGES Voice in Chinese and texts available in English
SUPPORT Video game on disc
PLATFORM Playstation 5 + Free Steelbook!

Fight in real time and instantly switch between party characters!
Explore diverse landscapes, cities and more as you journey through a vibrant world inspired by mythology.
Learn and equip new skills as you progress.
Discover over 30 hours of narrative content and optional side quests!
Capture, tame and feed spirit creatures that will assist you in various ways.
Play mini card games to relax after intense battles!
Discover console-exclusive outfit and weapon skins !

A magnificent STEELBOOK Free!