Super Bomberman R 2 PS5 + Bonus

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The latest Party Games in the SUPER BOMBERMAN R series!

Receive the epic Super Bomberman R 2 socks as a bonus!

Discover Super Bomberman R 2 on PS5!

With its new adventures and new modes, this is the title that offers the most important content in the entire history of the series! This game not only offers offline battles, in which you can play against your friends or family, but also online battles against players from all over the world, not to mention a single-player mode. A “Castle” mode is added to the traditional “Standard”, “Grand Prix” and “Battle 64” modes. In this new mode, players are divided into two camps, Attack and Castle, and must compete to win the treasure! A “Level Editor” feature has also been added. It allows players to create their own levels for “Castle” mode and share them online with players around the world. Let’s have fun together in “SUPER BOMBERMAN R 2”!

PUBLISHER & DEVELOPER Konami Digital Entertainment
GENRE Action, RPG, Party Game, Battle Royale, Multiplayer
SUPPORT Video game on disc
PlayStation 5 PLATFORM
LANGUAGES French, English, Spanish, German, Italian

Battle Mode : Enjoy 4 battle modes, including the new “Castle” mode!
o Castle: asymmetrical battle between the Castle side, which protects the treasure, and the Attack side, which seeks to seize the treasure in question!
o Standard: the classic battle mode that fans love so much!
o Grand Prix: battle between two teams! Collaborate with your allies to defeat the opposing team!
o Battle 64: battle for survival with up to 64 players! Become Bomber One!

Ranked Match : Battles between users of a similar level! Compete against players from all over the world online!

Room Match : Freely configure the battle mode and rules! Get your friends together online and have a good time!

Offline Battle : You can enjoy Bomberman with just one device! Connect additional controllers and play with family and friends!

Level Editor : Custom levels with gimmick blocks can be shared online! Create, play, share and explore different levels with the Level Editor!

Story Mode : Enjoy the improved Story Mode! Discover new planets with Bomberman's new friend, "Ellon", and face the terrible threat hanging over the universe!