Slave Zero

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Travel through a dystopian future to kill a man-made god.

Discover Slave Zero X on PS5!

Slave Zero X is a stylized 2.5D action game set in the biopunk universe of Slave Zero (1999). Run and slash your way through a dystopian future in this action game that will appeal to fans of Devil May Cry, Strider and Guilty Gear.

From the top of Megacity S1-9, the Sovereign Khan reigns supreme over the city. Beneath the city's rotting foundations, a vengeful adventurer sets out on a journey to assassinate him. Set 5 years before the events of Slave Zero, Slave Zero . A secret band of warriors known as the Guardians hope to prevent these biomecha from spreading across the world, but a swordsman in their ranks has a different idea: to use the enemy's own weapon against them. By merging with a stolen prototype slave unit, Shou will become a furious Devil in pursuit of a false God.

The physical edition includes:
o Physical play
o An exclusive manual/guide
o Controls guide
o A retro exclusive character skin depending on the medium

GENRE Action, Hack 'n' Slash, Cyberpunk
SUPPORT Video game on disc
PlayStation 5 PLATFORM

Use quick sword swings, explosive ammo and stylish combos against an army of meat and metal.

DEATH FROM ABOVE : Air juggling, running, and frequent target switching allow you to take down enemies of all sizes, while wall and platform jumping help you outsmart your foes .

THE FIGHT FOR LIFE : Conquer mini-bosses, set pieces and 1v1 clashes that offer intense challenges against unforgettable villains.

STRENGTH IS NOTHING WITHOUT MASTERY : Use the training room to refine precise and powerful movements to chain together devastating attack combinations.

THE FIGHT WITH A CERTAIN RHYTHM : a soundtrack inspired by the 90s, accompanied by drum'n'bass and funky industrial music which reinforces the nervousness of the fight.

VISUAL PLEASURE : A unique visual aesthetic combines nostalgic 2D graphics with advanced lighting and stylized 3D environments.

THE END IS NEVER THE END : Once you've completed the campaign, take on a tower of vast and frenetic "Bloody Palace" procedural challenges, complete with an online high score leaderboard.