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Redemption Reapers Playstation 4

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Join the Cinderal Falcon brigade, a group of mercenaries who may change the fight to the death in which humanity is engaged against the terrible Mors army! A demanding tactical RPG immersed in a captivating Dark-Fantasy atmosphere.
This resourceful band, specializing in surprise attacks, was once known as the Lawless Reapers, and despised by the populace. The people had no idea that this unity would become the only hope of resisting the Mors.

Redemption Reapers is a dark fantasy simulation game set in a medieval world. Immerse yourself in the story of the desperate struggle between the Gray Falcon Brigade and the terrifying Mors legions.

Despite growing despair in the face of the inevitable Mors horde, help a small group of resistance fighters defeat the enemy waves by combining colorful characters and careful strategies. Experience the exhilaration as you rise to overcome obstacles and achieve victory!

- Achieve victory on the battlefield through strategy.
Get to know a small, elite force of five fighters and discover how to best utilize each member's unique skills.
Carefully manage limited resources, including weapons and salvage items, keeping in mind the demands of upcoming battles.

- Build bonds with members of the Brigade through story and strategy.
Adapt to each situation by taking advantage of the unique weapons and strengths of each of the five members.
Coordinate attacks between members who share the same attack range to join forces and defeat powerful opponents!
Make full use of each member's special active skills to make everyone play their role on the battlefield.
As different as the members of the Brigade may seem, they are all heartbroken by a terrible loss. Get to know what each member has experienced and how they are feeling to gain insight into the path forward for the Brigade.

- Be transported to a dark and fantastic medieval universe thanks to stunning effects and visuals.
Explore a series of strategic maps depicting a desolate and doomed world ravaged by Mors monstrosities.
Be captivated by rich, fully voiced scenes and conversations.
Resist the deadly Mors hordes with all your might as you embark on a journey with no hope of return! An intense and brutal experience awaits as you put everything on the line to guide the Brigade to the end of their journey.

EDITION Clear River Games
STUDIO Adglobe
GENRE Tactical RPG
SUPPORT Video game on disc
PLATFORM Playstation 4