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Addams Family 4K Pinball

Discover Pinball in 4K and the fascinating world of the Addams Family with this new generation connected electronic pinball machine! 15 pinball game tables already included and the possibility of adding more!

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- Menus exclusively in English
- Model number: HA9920
- Processor: Rockchip 3588
- Storage: 64 GB
- screen: 32 inches 4K

Download the Pinball 4K user manual - Addams Family

  • #Games available#

    Find here the list of games available on our Addams Family 4k pinball machine

    1 The Addams Family™
    2 Amazonia
    3 Battle Deluxe
    4 Cine Star Deluxe
    5 Dinosaur Dynasty
    6 Exoplanets
    7 Farfalla Deluxe
    8 House of Diamonds Deluxe
    9 Pool Champion Deluxe
    10 Red Show Deluxe
    11 Robot Deluxe
    12 Spooky Deluxe
    13 Strike Deluxe
    14 The Last Ice Age
    15 Universe Deluxe

    - Shoot the electric chair to explore the mansion and find the Mamushka, Hit Cousin It and Tunnel Hunt.

    - Shoot bear kicks to get extra balls, mansion rooms and reach 99 for the Super Kick.

    - Collect MONEY for Multiball and see how the Thing collects your ball.

    - Let the Thing do the work for you and take a perfect shot with the Thing Flip.

    - Launch 12 mansion modes and tour the mansion by sitting on the chair!

    Internet connection required! Note: If you purchase this device but do not connect it to the internet via wifi or network cable, it will not work properly and you will miss important features, games and updates.
  • #Dimensions#

    What are the dimensions of the Legends Pinball connected pinball machine?

    - Pinball machine: 109 cm x 58 cm x 167 cm
    - 2 boxes
    - 55kg

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