80 days & Overboard! Nintendo Switch

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80 Days and Overboard! arrive in a physical edition compilation on Nintendo Switch, two games from Inkle Studios, the masters of narrative adventure.
Please note, this edition will only be available in English, box not localized entirely in English and game in original version.
  • Extraordinary escapes and adventures on the agenda in this special collection of two award-winning titles from Inkle Studios, the masters of narrative adventure. Bringing together two benchmark games, 80 Days and Overboard!, you will enjoy captivating gameplay, high replayability and fantastic writing.
  • 80 days: Inspired by the famous novel by Jules Verne, join Phileas Fogg and his faithful servant Passepartout in their race around the world against a clock that never stops. Explore the whole world to find the fastest route, or the strangest stories…
  • Will you be able to get back to London in time? With hundreds of routes and towns to explore and thousands of people to meet, unique adventures, hidden corners and secrets abound in this award-winning interactive fiction masterpiece.
  • The year is 1935 and you are the starlet Veronica Villensey, married to Malcom Villensey who became rich, but not so rich, overnight. You both leave for America to start a new life; unfortunately for Malcolm, this idyllic new beginning does not include him!
  • A murder has been committed aboard a ship bound for New York - and you are the center of suspicion. You only have eight hours left to help former actress Veronica Villensey lie, cheat and kill her way to freedom.
  • Cover up evidence, mislead witnesses, accuse another suspect, and escape with your husband's life insurance and your reputation intact in this next-generation visual novel where every move counts and every character watches. Choose your words carefully, or the finger of suspicion will turn on you.